Yes, We have done compatability testing on our product.
– Many manufacturers have more than one type of acceptable coolant.
-Many coolant suppliers would like to offer an “all makes, all models” technology coolant. As we have pointed out before, there is no one formula that can meet all OEM factory-fill specifications because several are mutually exclusive.
– For example, the current GM specification (GM 6277-M) for Dex-Cool®prohibits the use of several additives, including silicate, while the current specifications for Ford and
Chrysler mandate silicate.
– Also interesting is that the Detroit Diesel coolant requirements published in
93K217 mandate nitrite in the conventional coolants, but prohibit nitrite in the extended service coolant.
-As you may know, there is a heated legal action being litigated between Prestone and Valvoline regarding claims of compatibility between GM and Ford style coolants.
The most common question is not “does it meet an OEM Specification” but rather “Is it compatible?”
-Therefore, the best that can be hoped for is a coolant that is compatible with these very different chemistries. There is no ASTM or other industry standard definition or testing protocol for compatibility, but several OEMs have published compatibility-testing requirements in their specifications.
-Blend Tech has elected to complete compatibility testing patterned after those. Blend Tech is delighted to inform you that we have completed the original Detroit Diesel® 93K217 compatibility testing requirements at Amalgatech. Note that DDC later removed part of the initial test matrix, but our experiments include all of the extensive tests as originally published. Blend Tech BTHOAT has satisfied the DDC requirements for compatibility with DDC coolant(s). These tests are very similar to the tests required by Ford, GM and Chrysler. This DDC test regimen is a complex and stringent test of any coolant.
-Based on our report from Amalgatech, we feel we can safely state that BTHOAT, hybrid extended life formulation is compatible with most coolant technologies available in today’s coolant market.
-We know many of our customers are looking forward to this information. Now that we have laboratory data to support our position, we feel confident that our BTHOAT customers can make this claim. Data are available on request.
-Providing that Blend Tech BTHOAT inhibitor is blended as directed or as(TrueColorExtendedLifeCoolant), it will provide satisfactory performance in the following vehicles and or engines:
-Detroit Diesel
-Cummins Engine
-International Truck & Engine Company
-ASTM D-6210
-Mack Trucks
-ASTM D-3306
-U S Military CID
-Volvo Trucks
-Mercedes (all)
-John Deere (all)
-TMC RP-329/330
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