The True Color Corporation is committed to quality. Our goal is to produce the finest quality products for our customers.

 Our primary product is the TrueColorSystem. It is the only Antifreeze/Coolant that lets you determine the color of you coolant.

TrueColorSystem developed this product with the retail repair shop owner in mind.  We know that many shops have to stock several brands of coolant to match OEM colors in addition to having distilled water on hand to mix coolants.  This method is cumbersome and outdated.

Why not have one coolant that is compatible with most types of coolant on the market and the ability to dye it any color you wish?  This was the objective of TrueColorSystem.  We have succeeded with bringing the concept to market.

Now you can eliminate several cases and jugs of multiple brands of coolant taking up space in your facility.

Our custom dye blending and packaging makes coolant color a “non issue”.

The process is simple:

1.   Add desired dye to the mixing container

2.  Add the desired amount of undyed coolant

3.   Mix well and it is ready to use.

The TrueColorSystem is the final answer for all your Coolant/Antifreeze needs.